Seeing Symmetry

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Seeing Symmetry
by Loreen Leedy

Art + Math = SYMMETRY!

The topic of symmetry was on my idea list for about a decade before I figured out how to present it in a picture book. There are so many beautiful examples to share from butterflies to quilt blocks to the Taj Mahal, it was often difficult to choose which ones to illustrate. Surprisingly few books for children about symmetry have ever been published, so this one should come in handy for young readers interested in math or art or (hopefully) both.

What do horses and hub caps, boots and bugs, and snowflakes and stars have in common? How about Triceratops, a valentine, and the word “mom”? Like many animals and plants as well as objects made by people, they have symmetry. The examples of line and rotational symmetry in this book come from the natural world, artwork from many cultures, holiday symbols, machines, architecture, and more. Exploring symmetry provides a great visual way to learn about fundamental math concepts such as equality, measuring, patterns, repeats, and transformations. Once you know where to look, you’ll be seeing symmetry all around you!

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